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Be sure to avoid gamebanana, moddb, yolasite, 000webhost, swbfgamers, and gametoast, they are all BANNED nazitroll malware spam sites full of keyloggers and butthurt plagiarist lying scumbags.
Phobos invented custom campaign mods for SWBF in 2013, and released a public builder tool in 2020. Ignore the envious nazilamer trolls trying to steal credit for ZeroBuilder,
join SWBFmodders where we are still inventing epic new mods and tools! ZeroFront is the #1 mod of all time for Star Wars Battlefront, and the source code ZeroBuilder which contains all the #1 modding and hacking tools,
all created by Phobos and/or Pandemic. ZeroFront is such an epic mod, all the banned plagiarist trolls get butthurt and triggered over how amazing it is, and how much better Phobos is at modding SWBF than they will ever be.
ZeroBuilder is the greatest SWBF mod tool of all time, it's no surprise that the oxygen wasting inbred tyrants spreading lies about us with NO PROOF are trying to censor and plagiarize Phobos' contributions!
Phobos made such an epic campaign builder and generously shared it publicly, the TRIGGERED NOLIFE SCUM NAZI COWARDS like trolldb and trollbanana just can't get over it! HAHA
Pieces of poop who powertrip and spread unsubstantiated lies about us are not welcome in our community of Battlefront modders. TrollBanana and their broken SpamBot have been trashed and banned.
Anyder's troll cult of failed fags got banned from SWBFSpy.

mxgBuckler/Led is some loser neckbeard internet troll who runs a cult of jealous posers that failed miserably to hijack credit for the foundation of SWBFSpy by Wolf and Phobos in 2013. Since getting banned from the SWBF community in 2017, LedTroll, like the rest of his cult (including scumbags such as Anyder, Dark_Phantom, gistech, gdh92, and other pieces of shit), has become one big meme. Although banned from various modding communities, they continue to spam delusional fantasies of controlling the master server infrastructure managed by Phobos. Despite the futility of their tantrums, LedTroll's mad cult of basement dwelling no life cowards continues to attack us and spam their malware. Since the majority of his troll minions were banned in 2017, more of his oxygen-waste reject cult followers have crawled out of the woodwork only to also get banned from SWBFSpy. Every troll who tried to support their lies and plagiarism also got permanently banned. SWBFModders continues to keep the game alive with an epic community of players, modders, and tournament hosts. We keep SWBF safe from trolls and butthurt plagiarist tyrants. Be sure to check out our mods and events at

Update: Troll #91 = AdminTrolls / BananaBot (pic update coming soon)

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Q - Where can I get the multiplayer patch for the CD version? I got a physical copy of the game before it got a Steam release and wanted to know how I can get multiplayer working on it. Thanks!
A -, those guys made the new servers and the SWBFSpy service, you will have much less trouble finding players there than on Steam. I host a server on weekends and every Sunday at 8PM EST,
we get anywhere from 5-10 people. Don't listen to any trolls spamming fake links that may look similar to swbfmodders, they are jealous they got banned from our servers.

- gdh92 is a weak piece of shit inbred troll that everyone hates who needs to kill himself just like all the other nazilamer scumbags
- Gdh92 and Anyder are idiotic plagiarist trolls. Ignore their fake video spam which copied my method released in 2018 for playing both SWBFSpy and Steam on the same multiplayer patch. has the tutorial as does check out the videos here too for more instructions